Jennifer Richmond

The Challenge: read an article a day from both a "progressive" and a "conservative" view.

The Goal: Learn how to navigate the messy middle with compassion, and to communicate and articulate the truth you find in between. 

In a world that is increasingly polarized, both my son, Finn, and myself often find ourselves caught in between two very different views. With the proliferation of media outlets catering to one view or the other, it is very easy to find yourself in a silo or an echo chamber, hearing only the views that mimic your own.  This makes it difficult to understand, let alone respect, those with opposing views. In many respects, this is a luxury - you don't have to think critically, after all, everyone else in your various circles have the same view.

Not being able to afford this luxury, I have given us the challenge to explore the divide. While there are some truths that are undeniable - black and white - many "truths" are relative - relative to your upbringing, neighborhood, culture, etc. In essence the world is full of varying shades of gray.

The middle is messy and uncomfortable, but we believe that it's the only way to move forward and repair the breach.

Welcome to our blog and our navigation of the messy middle.

Finn Higginbotham

Recently people have been saying a lot of audacious things in media about the side they oppose. It seems that some news outlets are more focused on insulting the other party than actually telling news. Truth is no longer a factor but just a buzzword being thrown around to justify attacking people who look, act, or think differently than the people telling the story.


The moment the truth becomes a means to an end instead of a key factor in any form of communication is the moment things start to become ugly for all involved. I believe this is truly the highest injustice that one could do to the American public.


Now I cannot promise you, that you will agree with everything that is posted on this website. It will be the truth as I see it, and I welcome you sharing your truths and us moving through the middle together, with respect and dignity.


Finn and I will both, separately, be writing our own blogs on what we find to be the "truth in between" - [truth].

We welcome comments, feedback and productive dialogue. In this effort of finding the "truth in between", we hope engage in compassionate and diplomatic dialogue that expands and enhances understanding.